Střední škola, V Americe

Zmena rodiny 2

Dnes jsem telefonoval moji koordinatorce ohledne zmeny skoly a tak podobne. Doporucila mi konzultaci s moji rodinou. A tak jsme si povidali. Tema dne bylo doprava do skoly, ze skoly a na koncerty. Nasledujici dopis muze slouzit jako report vysledku debaty. Opravdu nevidim. zadne vychodisko. Proc jsem sakra nezmenil moji rodinu uz davno predem?

I talked to my family. I will give them more for gas, but it will not
solve the problem. They said, that they don’t have a time for
transport me, Zachary’s schedule will change, he will change work too.
The bus doesn’t drive so early, taxi is so expensive and EVan isn’t
for students. Marybeth don’t want to go to take me to my band
performances, because she is tired after work. Kevin (my host father)
is usually out of town, he can’t give me a certainty of
transportation. He usually travel. Erin will move soon and she will
not live with us anymore.
I can’t change my school, because we planned so many performances
based on me and I have good relationships in my school. On Tuesdays I teach one young guy from middle school how to play sax and we have to
finished our incomplete work. My family though, that someone from CIEE
will help with my transportation.
I can’t see any good solution. I don’t know what to do. If I change
school, we will still have problems with performances. I asked in school and in Laguna Creek is frequency of performances on the similar
level as in Pleasant Grove High School.
What can I do?

Uz nemam silu to resit. Ani tedy nevim, jak v polovine roku sezenu novou rodinu. Jdu pokracovat ve studiu technicke analyzy pro obchodovani na burze, jelikoz to mi alespon, na rozdil do podobneho handrkovani, neco da.